About Us


Our Backgound


Innovative technology leaders with over 15 years of experience in delivering successful products. Have helped companies gain competitive edge and revenue by identifying AI/Robotics technologies for improving operational  efficiencies. Innovating products and implementing technology platforms that solve problems and enhance business capabilities. Lead by harnessing our software and hardware development experience.

Why Us?

We have experience in identifying innovative product opportunities for companies, 

Feature Engineering , AI application engineering

Innovative AI solutions that can help drive autonomous vehicle and smart mobility strategies.

Expertise in laser systems (MEMS, Lidar, laser drive circuits, Signal and Image Processing) 


People (Shyam Keshavmurthy)


HBAP trained Technology Executive with 15 years of experience in strategic product development, establishing AI technology direction and specializing in improving company revenue through innovative solutions. Proven ability to lead organization towards improved performance and strengthen competitive position by utilizing my hardware and software technology expertise and ability to build strong corporate relationships within vendors, product development, marketing, and technology teams. A strong track record in working with executive teams to change companies’ strategic direction.