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AI Services


 AI is driving a revolution in the industry. AI makes decision making easier in driving your future products. Not sure where to start? We can help you:

Create your Artificial Intelligence strategy

Identify AI opportunities in your organization.

Provide Predictive Maintenance tools

Implement Machine Learning for Quality management systems  

Tools for path planning and object tracking for applications like pedestrian detection and obstacle tracking

Effectuate NLP based automatic  report generation

Machine Vision


Are you looking to improve your Computer Vision products or in need to improve your products to compete against your industry leaders? We have the expertise to help you.

Create 3D Computer Vision strategy, roadmap and implementation for your company

We provide technical expertise for extracting 3D features and classification using geometric and machine learning and AI

CAD based Robot Guidance system Calibration.

Provide guidance on latest technologies in the industry to meet application needs with camera selection, lens design, and interface development
Guide your teams to fulfill metrology standards and certifications

Laser Systems


What we can help with?

Techniques for optimizing MEMS performance for Laser Systems

Micro-Electro Mechanical System Designs (MEMs) for LiDAR, HUDs

Laser Safety Circuits for FDA approval.

High Speed Signal Detection and Classification for anomaly detection and track

System Engineering


How we can help?

Processing Component sizing and selection for embedded vision Applications

Image processing tools for both Linux and Windows IoT (Windows embedded) computer vision

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